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We're here to help you create the change you want to see, as effectively and equitably as possible through a human-centred, technology enabled solution that is open to all.

Our Story

WellFunded started after hundreds of conversations with philanthropists and charities alike about how expensive, ineffective and burdensome the current major donor and institutional fundraising paradigm is for both parties. We saw how technology had addressed many of these challenges in the for-profit world and believed that many of the same solutions could be brought to those solving societies' greatest needs.

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Meet The Team

Working from around the world to bring you the best tools for philanthropy.


Jeffrey Golby

Founder & CEO

I know what it's like to sit on both sides of the "giving and asking table" and these experiences have given me tremendous empathy for both groups. My past has included leading a peer-to-peer fundraising technology startup, before helping being a part of the team starting Charitable Impact Foundation, leading to its growth to over $100m in gifts. I facilitated corporate and individual philanthropy for companies and advised on large, complex gifts before becoming the CEO at Acts for Water, one of Canada’s oldest clean water charities. Here, I realized just how big the chasm between the giver and fundraiser can often be and how we could use technology to make it more sustainable, enjoyable and healthier for all.


Daniel Wintschel

CTO & Partner

From a young age, the spirit of charity has always held great significance for me. Growing up well below the poverty line, my family often relied on the charity of others throughout my childhood. My personal experience in the charitable space ranges from volunteer youth work and serving on the board of a charity aiding refugees, to advocating for mental health, social justice, and racial equity. Additionally, I was the first software engineer at the Charitable Impact Foundation, where I spent seven years building a web-based technology platform that has now facilitated over $1.4 billion in donations.

Empowering both givers and fundraisers to save millions of dollars in resources resonates deeply for me, especially now, as AI is set to revolutionize content generation. Creating a trusted platform that efficiently connects those who give with those in need is a vision that I am passionate about.