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We will launch a free product for charities to create a basic WellFunded Dossier and for philanthropists to access essential gift management tools. We will also launch with a WellFunded Essentials Product. This will be our core product allowing charities to represent themselves well to the Philanthropist community and Philanthropists to manage their giving all from one place. This will have a low monthly subscription fee, with a discounted annual subscription option for charities and philanthropists.

What countries will you launch in?

We intend to launch in Canada & USA.

Our goal is to allow charities to represent themselves well. We’ve asked thought leaders in each causal area the questions they wish funders would ask them to help them better represent their work, and we’ve included these in the Dossier to help philanthropists better make informed giving decisions.

We'd like to strike a balance between giving the funder enough information to make an informed decision to at least get past the first round while not overloading either party with so many questions or data points that they get lost in the weeds.

No, there are plenty of other transaction platforms. We do not charge a transaction fee or get in the middle of you and the charity. We are a connection platform where philanthropists and charities can discover, discern and connect with each other.

We’ve currently begun product development. We’re contacting charities and philanthropists to join our waitlist and help inform the product. We’re also raising a pre-seed round. Contact Jeff Golby ( to learn more.

No. Charities have to self-select to sign up and create their own profile. We will be doing verification on our end to maintain data accuracy.

We’re not a “bank account” for charitable giving and don’t issue tax receipts, though our product works well with those who use these tools. We’re focused on helping donors and charities connect, discern and give away money by building tools to make the giving process more efficient and equitable. We’re not a ratings agency, though have thoughtfully designed the WellFunded Dossier after consulting with industry experts in each category of charity about what questions to ask charities to determine where you might give.

Our goal is to launch in early summer 2024.