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Don't let giving grind you down.

Imagine buying a house without, searching for work without LinkedIn or investing without Bloomberg. It'd be inefficient and frustrating. Yet, nothing exists like this to help you search for, find, and evaluate the next world changer. Until now.

The WellFunded Way

Step One

Charities create a WellFunded Portrait to showcase their mission and needs, enabling philanthropists to identify potential matches based on alignment, not fundraising ability.

Step Two

Philanthropists access tools to discover unique projects, review due diligence materials, and receive tailored recommendations to find resonant charities.

Step Three

Upon finding aligned charities, philanthropists can shortlist them for further evaluation or connect directly with the charity to fund (we don't get in the middle of transactions, and we don't take a percentage).

Charities and philanthropists waste an enormous amount of time, money ($70 billion) and stress trying to connect, assess and manage the giving process. We’re building a tool to fix this. And we need you to join us.

Make your money make more impact.

Whether your funds are in a Donor Advised Fund, a Public or Private Foundation or you just give as an individual, WellFunded can help you manage your philanthropy the modern way.


Standard profiles for charities mean no time wasted filling out custom proposals. It means you don't waste time trying to compare apples to zebras.


There's no technology centred tool to discover well matched charities, seek out hidden gems or help you compare apples to apples.


Your dashboard enables you to track your pledges, favourite charities, reports and more.

Total Foundation support for women and girls of colour.
Fewer people earning over $100,000 engaging in charity over past 10 years
Of people believe that charities communicating how they will accomplish their mission "is the number 1 thing charities can do to boost trust".
$500 Billion
In North America given to charity with no central marketplace for impact.

We can work together to make fundraising work.
For everyone.

Join Canada's leading philanthropists and charities in changing how we find and fund good: forever.